You store & transport – we pack in wooden pallet collars

LLC Olta-Lviv established in 2013 year but in wooden business we are from 2004 year. So, we have pretty big experience in producing & selling of wood products. Our main target and what we do the best now – Pallet Collars or Pallet Frames, so we want to share with you our quality products. We atomized our production process and our specialist improves their skills all the time to get the best results.

Wooden Pallet Collars are well-known all over the world as perfect packaging solution. About 30 years different Industry`s fields use this amazing sort of packaging (easy to assemble, height up to 2 m, small storage place, safe transporting of goods etc.) and we are sure it will be useful for your Company too. So, you are on right way – we can collar your business and help you with storage and transporting of any kind of your Products.

LLC Olta-Lviv – your new and very flexible supplier